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From: Moore
Subject: Fostering FaggotsFOSTERING FAGGOTS
ONE”How much?”"What did you have in mind, sir?”The middle aged guy looked okay, nothing like a cop or a
pervert. He wore decent clothes, his shoes were shined
and the telltale sign of a missing wedding ring was
evident on the third finger of his left hand. I knew the
type, a frustrated, closeted homosexual, in New York on
business or possibly a convention. And I also knew
exactly what he had in mind before he took two steps
closer to me and nervously whispered, “Um, a blow job.”"A blow job, sure,” I replied with a big, boyish smile.
Then added, “It’ll be my pleasure to suck your cock.”"Suck my cock, yes, but I don’t have much time. I’m
meeting my, uh, someone at seven.”Meeting the unsuspecting wife for Lolitas Nymphets Rompl dinner, I thought. The
little woman, the mother of his children who had no idea
that she was married to a queer. He only had time for a
quickie if he didn’t want to be late. The perfect “suck
and see ya” client.”I’ll blow you for twenty dollars, okay?” The going rate
on the street for a standard kneeling blow job, purposely
set low to hook the fish. Which it did because he reached
for his wallet. Options were extra.”Twenty five if you want me to suck your dick naked, sir,
without a condom. Thirty dollars, sir, if you want to cum
on my face.”His face lit up like a Christmas Lolitas Nymphets Rompl tree, this guy should
never sit down at a poker table. Alexander Hamilton
joined the Andrew Jackson in his hand. But I had one more
option to offer, the President Grant special. “Fifty
dollars, sir, to go all the way.”"All the way?”"Yes, sir. For fifty dollars, sir, I’ll suck your dick
without a condom and you can make me your personal
cocksucker, sir.”"How’s that?”"By cumming in my cocksucker mouth, sir.”"Cum in your mouth,” he echoed. “I never…yes, I would
like to cum in your mouth. And you’ll really swallow my
sperm? Be my personal cocksucker?”"Every drop of your cum, sir. You can watch while I
swallow your load.”I tucked President Grant away, payment in advance before
rendering the service was the rule for any prostitute,
male or female, working the street. Once given, I
learned the hard way, you can’t take back a blow job.”Where?” He asked.”Follow me, sir,” I replied, pleased with sale of a Grant
special; eager to earn the money and even more eager to
enjoy the creamy bonus. Unlike most of the boy whores on
the street that I compete with for clients, my fellow
cocksuckers who have to suck dick for a living, I really
do like to suck dick and eat cum. The personal cocksucker
line was my own invention. I used to feel guilty about
the bait and switch, but when I began my apprenticeship,
started whoring for men professionally, I felt guilty
about taking any money at all.”Here?” He asked, looking around the service area behind
the Mayfair Hotel. I told him we could have a room
inside, they offered short-stay rates, but he declined
when I told him the cost. The queer men who wanted
privacy to blow me or wanted me to fuck them or wanted to
use me for a sexual fantasy usually took a room. The
service area was fine for straight head or a short
session in my boy pussy.It wasn’t luxurious, but we, those of us that brought our
clients here, kept it reasonably clean; no used condoms
littering the blacktop. We also kept it stocked with the
basic tools of our trade; condoms, lube, paper towels,
cans of Mountain Dew, and an active cocksucker’s best
friend, the all important knee pad. I knelt down on a
well used pad and went to work.”Wow, what a great cock to suck,” I lied. It was just an
ordinary dick, maybe a five inch erection, but it never
hurts to be nice, submissive too, to the guy whose cock
you’re about to suck. Circumcised, so he was probably
Jewish, and his hairy crotch smelled musky, which really
turns me on, but clean, so I offered an extra service.
“Okay if I lick your big balls before I suck your great
cock?”The poor guy was either going to have a heart attack or
cum in his JC Penny boxer shorts. All he could do was
moan his acceptance as I pulled down his shorts with my
teeth and buried my face in his crotch. I licked all
around and under his tasty balls, licked up the veiny
underside of the shaft and all around the purplish head.
I kissed the tip a few times, savoring the precum, then
took him deep into my mouth and began to suck.I am an excellent cocksucker; been sucking dicks since
I’m ten, as a professional boy whore for the last two
years, and I absolutely love my work. I suck about twenty
five cocks on an average weekend, I’m in school during
the week, and work about forty weekends a year. That’s
one thousand blow jobs a year, more or less, one thousand
cocks orally serviced and untold quarts of delicious cum.
I know my way around a man’s dick and balls. I knew that
this one was going to be quick. What I call a Roger
Bannister blow job, an RB for short.Remember Roger Bannister? I was only six years old in May
of 1954 when England’s Roger Bannister broke the four
minute mile. Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
I remember it well because my foster father
at that time was English. Back then it was big news in
all the papers, now, ten years later, the best runners do
it routinely. The best cocksuckers can get a guy off in
under four minutes too.I serviced three more middle aged men over the next two
hours, easy RB’s at my standard twenty dollar rate. They
each declined all of the options, but I took each of them
bare anyway; I hate the artificial taste of Trojans and
Sheiks, and I gladly let each of them climax in my mouth.
I like the warm spurts of semen pouring into my mouth and
love the rich, creamy, all-natural taste and the smell of
fresh sperm, honest. So most of my clients get the Grant
special whether they pay for it or not. Most, not all.
Certainly not the two college guys who, after purchasing
my services had to prove how macho they were by trying to
humiliate me.”Hey, Gino, what do you call a girl who’ll go down on her
knees and suck a guy’s dick?” One asked as they followed
me through the alley. “Popular,” He laughed a few moments
later when Lolitas Nymphets Rompl his beer guzzling pal had no answer.”And a guy who sucks?” He continued Lolitas Nymphets Rompl as I got down on my
knee pad and started on their belts and zippers. “What do
you call a guy like this one, a guy who sucks dick?”"Dunno, Pete,” Gino slurred. “What?”Pete grabbed my ears and slapped my face with his stiff
cock. “Tell my pal Gino what you are, cocksucker!” He
demanded.”I’m a fag, Gino,” I said automatically as I covered
Pete’s hard-on with a Trojan. I’d heard the joke many
times before. “A faggot, cocksucker.”Pete rammed his condom-covered cock through my parted
lips and deep into my mouth. “A fag!” He roared. “A
fuckin’ queer. A lowlife, cocksucking faggot! A cum
eating queer with a scumbag for a mouth! Suck my cock,
faggot!”Don’t take it personally. I did when I started working
the street, but I don’t anymore. I swallowed my pride a
long time ago, washed it down with a thousand loads of
yummy cum. Street language is coarse, descriptive and in
my case, except for the lowlife part, true. My mouth is
like a scumbag and I wouldn’t have it any other way.I added the college boys’ money to the cash-filled condom
that serves as the perfect hiding place and picked up the
two used ones. Pete’s Trojan and Gino’s Sheik were both
heavy with the sperm that rightfully belonged to me; the
cocksucker’s reward for giving good head. Pete and Gino
may have missed out on the pleasure of a bare-back blow
job and cumming in my mouth, but although I missed the
spurts in my mouth I could still enjoy the pleasure of
eating their cum.I tossed the inside out, now sperm-free rubbers into the
trash and headed back to my corner. I was ready to take
a short break, but a new client was already waiting. I
offered my standard rate for a blow job, but he had other
ideas.”Take it or leave it, cocksucker,” he said, cutting short
the negotiation. “Ten bucks to blow me, faggot, you got
competitors. And don’t even think about using a rubber.”A dick in my mouth was more important than money so I
pocketed the Hamilton and started for the alley. My
cheapskate customer held me back. “Not so fast, faggot,”
he said. “I want you bare-assed naked. Be a good fairy
and take off all your clothes.”"Right here?” I said, looking up and down the street for
one of New York’s finest. I don’t mind being naked for a
client, but I didn’t want to get arrested. The cops allow
us to do our business as long as we’re discrete about it
and there’s no mayoral campaign underway to clean-up
Times Square. Not for nothing though, and we all take a
turn at the weekly party at the station house. The women
participate too, cops love free pussy, but nobody sucks
dick, cop cock or otherwise, like a fag.Discrete does not include public nudity on the sidewalk,
and a long night spent servicing bored, horny guys in a
holding cell at Rykers, well. I’ve been there and done
that, twice, and even fags like me; cocksuckers who love
to suck, pussy boys who love to get fucked, have their
limits.”Give me a break, huh? I don’t want to get arrested. I’ll
go down on you for the sawbuck, kiss your ass, lick your
balls, eat your load…”"You’ll do that too, faggot, and a whole lot more. Now
get your fuckin’ clothes off!”"I can’t, please. Not out here on the sidewalk.”"Sure you can, pussylips” he said softly, taking a box
cutter and a length of red ribbon from his back pocket.
“And you can tie this around Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
your faggot prick.”The customer, even a perverted weirdo, is always right.
Especially when he’s got a sharp object in his hand. I
stripped down to my BVD’s and took them off too when he
slapped my ass hard and said, “Naked!”My hands were shaking a little so it took me three tries
before I got the ribbon tied in a perfect bow around my
cock and balls. The final indignity was the red lipstick
he made me apply before shoving me into the alley. We
stopped at a fuck station, one of the three padded saw
horses that were spaced around the service area.”Bend over and spread’em,” he said, waving the blade in
my face. “We’ll get to the blow job later, faggot, after
I fuck the shit outta your pussy.”I kept silent about using a condom and about the extra
fee Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
to fuck my ass. Prayed silently too that the lube I’d
applied at the beginning of my shift was still up to the
task. It was, barely, as he impaled me on his cock with
one powerful thrust. I get fucked about five times over
the course of an average working weekend. My boy pussy is
still tight, though my once Lolitas Nymphets Rompl smooth, bubble butt has been
marked up a bit by rough hands and abrasive pubic hair.He fucked me roughly, hard and deep without cumming, then
he spun me around and stuffed the length of his big prick
into my mouth. I sucked his substantial cock for a good
twenty minutes…he held my ears the entire time. Then he
pulled out of my mouth, his engorged dick was red from
the lipstick and emptied his balls on my face. I knew
what was coming next when he shoved his spent dick back
in my mouth.”See ya around, queer.”Who’s calling who a queer? I thought as I wiped the cum
and lipstick off my face and popped the top off a can of
Mountain Dew. Pepsi’s good too, but Dew’s the best to
rinse the bitter taste of urine from your mouth.
TWOMy unwed mother died in childbirth. I was raised in an
orphanage until I was five years old and Lolitas Nymphets Rompl then in a series
of foster homes. The Warners, Mary and John, took me
into their loving home when I was ten. They took in a lot
of innocent young boys during the years I was with them
and turned out a lot of happy, well-adjusted, sixteen
year old homosexuals. Well-trained homosexuals, faggots,
to work in the family business.Watch one, get one, give one…a blow job, then decide if
you wanted to stay with the Warners. “It’s entirely up to
you, Steven,” John explained for the second time after I
had taken the first two steps on the road to becoming a
faggot. I’d never seen a blow job before, much less
gotten one. My decision was easy.Not every boy stayed. Some boys left after a day or two,
before the homosexual lessons began. The Warners were
nudists, we rarely wore clothes in the house and backyard
and some boys were too embarrassed to be completely naked
all the time. I though it was fun. And some boys left
because they wouldn’t or couldn’t deal with a dick in
their mouths. The Warners were training young boys to be
faggots, those that were unwilling or unable to suck dick
were helped to find new foster homes.”You can stay with the family, Steven. Mary and I would
like you to stay…learn how to be a fag. But the final
decision to become a homosexual is yours.”I gave one to my foster brother Gary while the rest of
the family watched and cheered me on. I sucked his dick
and swallowed his cum without a single gag. Mary hugged
me, said I was a natural, a born cocksucker. John kissed
me and asked how I liked a prick in my mouth.I liked it just fine and I told him. I also liked the
love and attention I got for sucking Gary’s cock, the
sense of being part of a family.”And the taste of Gary’s cum?”"It’s yummy,” I said honestly. “Yummy cum. Could I have
more?”I gave all six of my older foster brothers blow jobs that
afternoon and swallowed all their yummy cum. John let me
suck his big cock too, and play with his balls, while he
sucked my Lolitas Nymphets Rompl little one. Then Mary arranged all the boys in
a daisy chain so that everybody had a cock to suck.The Lolitas Nymphets Rompl rule of watch one, get one, give one applied to my
other hole too. I got one from John by sitting on his
cock after Mary had lubed my ass, and gave one to Robert,
doggy style, who complained the whole time I was fucking
him.”Steven’s puny cock is too small,” Robert whined. “I can
hardly tell that he’s in my pussy. He’s too young to wet
cum…it’s not fair that he gets to fuck me.”I was doing my best, giving it my all, but I didn’t have
the right tool for the job. Almost two years would pass
before I got my first pubic hair and started making
sperm. The Warners gave me a cock ring and butt plug to
celebrate the happy occasion, and my cock is still on the
small side.”I’ll fuck you when Steven’s done,” Gary volunteered.
“Fuck you hard with my big dick and fill your pussy with
cum.”Gary straddled Robert’s back and brought his hard-on to
my mouth. “Suck it for me,” he whispered. “Get my prick
wet and we’ll give Robert a surprise.”With Mary’s assistance, Gary joined me in Robert’s ass.
I held on for the wild ride while he did all the work.
Robert wasn’t complaining now, not with two cocks in his
pussy. “Oh, god, this feels so good. “Oh, god, fuck me.
Harder, goddamnit, fuck me harder.”He came before Gary did, all over the floor. Gary filled
his pussy, the warmth of his cum surrounded my spasming
cock. John congratulated me for completing my first fuck,
then he turned his attention to Robert.”What about me?” Robert said. “Don’t I get congratulated
for completing my first double fuck? Taking two cocks in
my pussy?”"I’m angry with you, son,” John replied in a stern voice.Robert stopped playing with the cum oozing from his
pussy. “Angry at me? Why? What did I do wrong?”"Can anyone of you boys tell Robert what he did wrong?”"He didn’t say thank you to Steven and Gary after the
fucking,” one boy shouted out. “And he didn’t kiss the
two cocks that had fucked him, didn’t lick them clean of
pussy juice and cum.”"Very good, James. That’s part of it. Anyone else?”"After the fucking he didn’t offer to share the cum in
his pussy?”"That’s right too,” John said. “Robert was selfish, only
concerned for his own pleasure. A selfish fag won’t go
far in the family business.”"Yeah, he was a selfish fag,” James agreed. “He could
have told us that he was going to cum with the cocks in
his pussy. There was room to squeeze in between his legs,
one of us could have taken Robert’s cock in our mouth and
enjoyed his cum. He didn’t have to waste a perfectly good
load of sperm on the floor.”"I’m sorry,” Robert sobbed, hanging his head in shame.
“The fucking was so good…thank you both for fucking me,
I wasn’t thinking about anything except the cocks in my
pussy.”Robert crawled around Lolitas Nymphets Rompl the room and kissed every boy’s
cock to show how sorry he was. He saved me for last. “I’m
sorry that I called your cock puny, Steven, you have a
very nice cock for a fag your age.”Robert got severely punished anyway: no cock or cum in
his mouth for one whole week, no cock in his pussy for a
month. And he had to watch without touching his cock as
I continued my lessons on the road to becoming a boy
whore.The reason he got punished? Mary and John Warner were
Catholics, we all went to church every Sunday. And
Robert, while Gary and I were double dicking him, had
taken the lord’s name in vain.I liked going to church and, when it was my turn, to the
private prayer meeting with Father Tim after the regular
service. Not Father Francis as much because he was old
and his cock never got hard no matter how much I sucked
it or licked his asshole and balls. All he really wanted
to do was lay naked with me on the altar in his office
and pretend that I was baby Lolitas Nymphets Rompl Jesus.Father Tim liked to lick and kiss every inch of my
hairless body, suck my little cock and balls as much as
Father Francis. But then he’d hoist me, baby Jesus, onto
his big, hard dick and chant prayers in the private
chapel. His bushy pubes tickled my ass as I rode up and
down, fucked myself on his great cock while he prayed.
You better believe I said thank you after he filled my
boy Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
pussy with cum, and licked his cock and balls
spotlessly clean.The two priests often came to the Sunday dinners that
Mary and John hosted each month. Other men came too, Mary
was a good cook, but I think the men enjoyed the after
dinner entertainment even more than the food. We put on
quite a performance, my foster brothers and I, in a show
we called the Faggot Follies. There were three acts;
Pricks on Parade, Cavalcade of Cocksuckers and Pussy
Panorama, with music and costumes.CHAPTER
THREEI proudly wore the cock ring all the time, a sign of my
sexual maturity. Shortly after they gave it to me, the
Warners sat me down one morning to talk about my future.”You’ve done very well these past two years, Steven,”
John began. “Your cocksucking and cum eating skills are
already excellent, and your boy pussy is developing into
a first class cunt. Are you happy as a homosexual, happy
living here as a fag?”"Yes, sir. Very happy.”"You’ve done well in school too, Mary and I are happy
about that. Education is important and we want all of our
boys to attend college.”"Father Tim thinks you should enroll in the seminary
after high school, that you’d make a fine priest.”"But, Mary, I want to be a fag when I grow up.”"Same difference, dear,” Mary chuckled, hugging me to her
bare breast. “You can be both, dear, a fag and a priest.”"When would I have to decide?”"Not for years,” John said. “Let’s not forget that you’re
only twelve years old…”"Almost thirteen, John, my birthday’s coming up. And my
cock has grown a whole inch bigger since I started making
sperm.”"Yes, well, there’s still years to go before you have to
decide about the priesthood. But if you’re certain that
you want to be a fag when you grow up…”"I really do, John. I really want to be a fag.”"And work in the family business?”"Yes, sir. But only after I complete my apprenticeship as
a boy whore in Times Square.”"Then we have to find out now what kind of fag you’ll
be.”"Is there more than one kind of fag?” I asked.”What John meant to say is that we have to find out how
you react Lolitas Nymphets Rompl sexually to members of the opposite sex.”"Girls?”"Yes, dear, girls. Do you like girls, Steven?”"I like you, Mary.”"Would you like to have sex with me?”"How could we, Mary?” I said seriously. “You don’t have
a cock.”Yes, I really said that and being well-trained I meant
it. Having sex meant a cock in my mouth, sucking, or
taking a cock in my boy pussy. Mary and John laughed so
hard and for so long that I got scared and started to
cry. Mary wiped away my tears and John explained some
things about heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals.”How do I know if I’m bi?” I asked when he was done.
John’s answer made me blush. “Naked with a girl? Let a
girl see my cock? No way.”"I’m a girl, dear, and I see your lovely cock all the
time.”"It’s settled then,” John said. “Go put on some clothes
while I make a call. We’ll start with a girl your own age
and see what happens.”Jane was pretty. She and her mother were waiting Lolitas Nymphets Rompl with
John and Mary, who had also gotten dressed. She had long
blond hair the same color as mine and big blue eyes. If
she’d been a boy I would have kissed her instead of
shaking hands.”Let’s get started, shall we?” John said, taking a seat
with the Lolitas Nymphets Rompl ladies. Jane and I stood alone at the foot of
the bed. “Relax, children, be yourselves and let mother
nature take over. A kiss first, children, then take offh)
your clothes and hop onto the bed.”Jane had little breasts, a little blond bush and she had
little effect on me. I got hard for a moment when she
took me in her mouth, but went limp in the middle of her
sorry excuse for a blow job. Hard again when John told me
to lick her pussy. I went for her ass like any fag would,
went limp as a wet noodle when I put my tongue in the
folds of the nasty tasting slit between her legs.”We’ll try a different girl tomorrow,” John said after
Jane and her mother left. “Someone Lolitas Nymphets Rompl older, with more
experience.”The Warners brought in more girls and all I got was more
horny. The girls tried hard, but I couldn’t keep it hard
unless I closed my eyes and thought about cock. My foster
brother’s cocks were off limits to me during the grand
experiment and they’d been warned not to suck mine or let
me fuck them either. Robert, still feeling badly about
the fucking incident, came to my rescue.”You can’t suck me and I can’t suck you,” he said one
morning on the way to school. “We’re not even allowed to
jerk off into your mouth.”"I know, Robert, and I don’t want to get you guys in
trouble with John and Mary. I’m going crazy though,
without a cock in my mouth and I really miss eating cum.”"Maybe I Lolitas Nymphets Rompl can help you out after all,” Robert offered.
“I’ve been secretly blowing some high school guys after
school and if you promise to keep it a secret, I’d be
willing to share them with you.”"Really?”"Do you promise?”"I do, sure. I won’t tell. Going down on high school
guys, wow. Where are you doing it?”"In the basement of the big apartment house on Elm
Street. They sneak me in through a window.”I met Robert after school and we ran all the way to Elm.
“Through here,” he said, leading me through an alley Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
the back of the building, to a ground level window. Just
before he was about to tap on the closed window he turned
to me and said, “They’re colored.”"Who’s colored?”"The guys we’re going to suck off. They’re Negroes…youh)
know, black.”"I never sucked a black cock. Does it taste different?”"No, of course not. Black dick tastes like white dick,
only more filling because these colored guys have really
big dicks. And foreskins filled with cheesy gunk…I
don’t think they shower every day.”"Okay,” I said, my mouth was watering. “Let’s do it.
Let’s suck some black cock.”"Wait, there’s one more thing I should tell you.”"What?”"They can be a little rough sometimes. And bossy. They
never hurt me though in all the times I’ve been here.
Just be prepared to do whatever they want, you know, act
like a slave.”Slave and master was a fantasy game we played at home.
“Act like a slave? No problem.”Robert tapped on the glass and the window opened. He
climbed down first, assisted by two large black hands. I
heard voices and laughter, then the black hands returned
to help me through the window.Robert was already on his knees with a humongous black
dick in his mouth and a dick in each hand. A fourth black
guy was running his dick and balls along Robert’s spine.
Everybody was naked and Robert’s white body sandwiched by
black ones looked like the filling in an oreo cookie.
The black hands that had helped me through the window now
helped me take off my clothes and helped me to my knees.
I helped myself to his jet black cock and balls.My first cock in more than a week…I sucked like it
might be my last. Forget girls, this was exactly where
I belonged; on my knees with a hard dick between my lips
and heavy, sperm-filled balls eager to cum in my faggot,
cocksucker mouth.”Fuckin’ A blow job, cocksucker. You give better head
than your fag friend.”I looked up and winked, accepting the compliment, then
put my hands on his ass and pulled him even deeper into
my suctioning mouth. Robert wasn’t a great cocksucker,
too strong a gag reflex, but Lolitas Nymphets Rompl his incredible boy pussy was
made to take cock. He could sit on the biggest, fattest
dildo in the Warner’s collection, the fifteen incher, and
never lose his hard-on. My pussy and boner was about to
be tested too.My feet never touched the ground and the cock never left
my mouth as I was lifted up from my knees and carried to
a low table. I couldn’t see the guy behind me, only felt
his big hands spreading open the cheeks of my ass and his
spongy cockhead poking at my hole.”Get the other fag over here to lick this fag’s asshole.
Gonna use my civil rights and fuck me a pretty white
boy.”The black guy in my mouth started to laugh. “No way,
mothafucker,” he said.” I seen your dick and it ain’t
goin’ up this faggot’s pussy with spit. You need jizz,
man, a big load of slick jizz to get your big fat nigger
dick in the white fag’s cunt.”"Where my gonna get jizz?”"From the fag’s mouth after I nut. Get a cup, man, this
cocksucker’s about to get me off.”I hated to give up the tasty load, but spit I did into
the cup and soon felt a dick forcing its way into my
pussy. He pushed forward and I pushed back and my cock
went off like a rocket. Cumming with a dick in my ass was
awesome. The guy fucking me liked it too because he shot
off a moment later and filled my pussy with cum.I scrambled around when he pulled out of my pussy, hungry
for another taste of cum. “Let me clean it for you,” I
pleaded, reaching for his shiny cock. Streaks of white
cum stood out on the black shaft and clung to the hair on
his balls. “Please let me suck it clean.”Three more colored guys fucked me, four more got off in
my mouth and then we had to leave. Robert and I held
hands while the Lolitas Nymphets Rompl black guys pissed on us, then we Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
each other clean before we got dressed so the Warners
wouldn’t know how we spent the afternoon.The grand experiment continued for another week, as did
my daily visits with Robert to the black guys on Elm
Street. The last girl the Warners tried slept naked with
me the entire night. I slept like a baby and dreamed
about all the wonderful black cocks I had serviced that
afternoon. Mary and John Warner finally concluded that
girls did nothing for me, that I didn’t have a bisexual
cell in my body.”Homosexual through and through,” I happily reported to
Robert on the way to school. “Cocksucker and pussy boy,
one hundred percent fag.”
FOURThe family business, located in a nondescript four story
building a block west of Times Square, was a combination
nightclub, restaurant, bath house spa and escort service.
We catered primarily to homosexuals. Women were allowed
in the ground floor club on Tuesdays, very few came
alone. The rest of the week it was men only, to relax,
have a few drinks and watch the all but naked Go-Go-Boys
in action.”They’re good,” I said to John as we paused a moment to
watch the rehearsal before going upstairs. It was like a
professional production of Lolitas Nymphets Rompl the Faggot Follies, the show
that my younger foster brothers still put on at home. I
wondered aloud if these beautiful, sexy, gyrating boys in
g-strings were also homosexuals.”Chorus boys,” John said. “A dime a dozen in New York.
Boys who’ll dance here for tips while looking for work in
a Broadway show. You could try it on amateur night.”"I’ll keep the job I have, thanks.”Masters, a continental restaurant occupied the second
floor. A quiet place, expensive, offering fine wines and
great food in a relaxed atmosphere. An elegant and safe
setting where a man could bring his own date, or select
a handsome companion from the roster of available boys.
A memorable dinner and an even more memorable night of
homosexual sex was guaranteed.The spa was on the third floor; steam room, sauna, hot
tub and lounge. Towels optional and group sex expected.
The aroma of male sweat and spent cum perfumed the air.
The fourth floor had bedrooms for private encounters,
equipped Lolitas Nymphets Rompl
with every imaginable sexual device and toy. The
rooftop garden was probably my favorite space. Laying on
my back with a man mounted on top of me, watching the
stars as I spread my legs and guided his cock into my
pussy was like being in heaven.”You’re booked every night this week and next,” John said
as we entered the employees locker room. “Can you handle
the load and still keep up with your studies?”"I can handle it, John,” I said, tossing my theology
books and clothes into a locker and headed towards the
shower. Having successfully completed my apprenticeship
on the street, servicing dozens of men a week, giving
myself to just one or sometimes two men a night was like
being on vacation.
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